Tranquility Media believes in effective quality brands that responds with audiences. Its about interpretation and messaging that the end consumer does not want to be confused. We aim to keep this message clear and emotive so potential consumers have a sense of comfortability and trust from first impressions.

Our Design Services

Graphic Design

We have built a network of designers over a period of decades that allows Tranquility Media to select the best designer for the project that fits their experience. We don’t underestimate the responsibility we hold when engaged by your organisation to project your brand on collateral such as flyers, brochures and presentation folders.


We have also built a network of quality printers that we are happy to provide an end-to-end service with any printing needs. Don’t select a “graphic design included” or because the design cost is cheaper by the printer. Let us take away the concern with design and risk so you can focus on your business.


Utilising signage space effectively can be one of the most cost effective marketing strategies you will identify. Shop front signage, car decals and wraps, internal office designs and general outdoor signage can amplify your brand. If done with poor design input or keeping costs down, will only reflect the image of your brand. The most valuable space available to you may just be more obvious than you think.